About Us

Corporate Vision

Parivartan CTA’s vision is to be recognised as the leading brand in professional Training Services internationally

Corporate Mission

  • Parivartan CTA provides skills development programmes which enable businesses to develop in an efficient and effective manner in today’s competitive markets by offering courses at different levels, from frontline to senior management
  • Our training aims to maximise people’s performance straightaway so that they can immediately contribute value addition to the organisation
  • We are committed to improve individual and organisational effectiveness in order to accomplish your strategic goals
  • We aim to deliver hands on experience and professional growth with the flexibility to meet the needs of individuals and organisations

Our Values

We act with integrity

We are passionate about what we do

We encourage personal growth

We are creative and innovative

We believe in responsible operation


Our Work Culture

People don't ‘work’ at Parivartan; they are part of Parivartan. There is a strong sense of community, involvement and shared goals and ideals. We are all crazy about training and come up with creative ideas and could not be prouder of the projects we run, accounts we manage! We believe in acting with integrity towards each other and in the way we do business. We are highly entrepreneurial and value personal growth, initiative and creativity. Anyone can bring in new ideas and opinions anytime (including our clients & trainees); that's how most of our new projects come about, since we don't stand for bureaucracy and hierarchy

Brand Promises

To be flexible in meeting the needs of both individuals and organisations
To deliver an experience and deliver it on time