About Us

Corporate Profile

At Parivartan CTA, we believe that knowledge is at the heart of achieving competitive advantage, and feel that this can only be nurtured and leveraged via appropriate approach to HR management. In our view, this starts with having a well-trained workforce that does not only recognize the need to deliver on-the-job, but also has an understanding of the underlying objectives of the organization and appreciates its contribution for these to be achieved.

One of the key differences that distinguish Parivartan CTA from other organizations in the field is that we are not grounded in purely academic foundations. We are not academics whose main aim is to bring rational theory into business, but business practitioners who live the knowledge management problem on a daily basis and who therefore understand the nuances of people management first hand. Of course, where necessary, we bring knowledge from best practices around the world into our training programs, in order to encourage an approach that customizes the basic theoretical foundations to the particular characteristics of your business.

We feel that we have a lot to contribute in helping other businesses leverage this key strategic resource to their advantage.

What We Do

  • Deliver training programs that are dynamic, inspirational and cutting-edge that focus on your business objectives
  • Evaluate organizational practices and individual skills to identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Specialize in the areas of management and staff development, training services and career planning
  • Develop and deliver end-to-end training programs and customized training modules to improve performance
  • Facilitate change by creating environment that promote communication, risk-taking and collaboration
  • Provide training solutions that are aligned to an organization's desired future by capitalizing on its intellectual potential