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Parivartan CTA- The Chronicle

The story of Parivartan is centered around one man – Arun B. Nair and his dream to empower people. Arun started his career as a corporate executive and rose to the level of corporate trainer with MNCs of the like America Online and Accenture.


During his days as a trainer he understood the need for a corporate training academy. It is a saddening fact that still education in India is limited to facts, figures and theory. Little importance is being given to life skills, personal grooming and personality development. It is proved that only 15% of a person’s intelligence is being attributed as a criteria for his placement or career upliftment. It all depends upon one’s attitude. People entering corporate world are not trained for that environment and culture. Very little importance is given for communication skills and corporate etiquette. Nevertheless all it takes a person to succeed in corporate world and have a secure career is just the right attitude and excellent communication skills.


The shortest way to success is the identification of one’s strengths and weaknesses. We need to polish our strengths and improve upon the weaknesses. It needs proper guidance and strategic methods to identify them correctly and then formulate a feasible and highly executable performance oriented self development plan. Also, it is a basic human trait that we refuse to be taught. Character is imbibed – it is learned through life’s lessons or rather experiences. Personality is a result of one’s social upbringing and childhood environment. However, human beings can be led – they can be shown the way – a way which inspires a positive change. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Subhash Chandra Bose etc were leaders who could motivate individuals to act.


All organizations are mass movements. Organizations are much more than infrastructure, profits and revenue. Organizations are known and respected for their people. Talent acquisition is the key strategy of any successful company in the world. In such a scenario, personality development, corporate etiquette, life skills and communication decide the success of any person in the corporate sector.


This understanding led Arun to begin an academy for transforming people’s future. An apt name was given: ‘Parivartan’ – a unique academy where learning becomes an experience. Armed with his corporate training background, customized tools for personality training and an elite set of trainers, Arun hopes to provide a world class facility with the most different curriculum, subject matter expert and approach..