11 Qs

Eleven Questions


+ What is the story behind your logo?

Parivartan’s logo is a butterfly – it is a human butterfly! Parivartan aims to give wings to your dreams and make them a reality. Just like a pupa metamorphosing into a colourful butterfly, Parivartan will strive towards moulding and transforming your personality to make you 'corporate ready'.

+ Where are your trainers, why no mention?

We have developed the 'Parivartan way of training' - whereby the quality of training is not depended on the individual trainers. The concept of imparting training using specialised techiques which is consistent across our trainers makes the individual qualification and experience of trainers less important.

+ I love to train will you hire me?

You will be welcome onboard if you win our heart with your people management skill. Unlike most training companies we don't insist on big time certifications or experience, we look for certain crucial skills which will help the new hire to adapt the 'Parivartan way of training'. Throw aside your airs and meet us for an interview, we will tell you if you qualify. Oh! by the way did we tell you that our ratio of absorption is too low to even mention.

+ How much does your training cost?

There is no simple answer to that question as each project is bespoke, or custom-tailored to meet our clients’ needs and goals. Our fees depend on the issue being addressed, the number of Parivartan CTA's man-hours involved etc.. Our projects are not fixed-fee, and we work closely with clients to align scope, deliverables, and budget requirements.

+ Do you have a placement agency incorporated?

We are purely a training specialist. We have purposely avoided getting into placement league so as to keep our focus on quality training programs. Of course, we have several placement associates across India as well as our own corporate clients who recruit from our batch of trainees.

+ Whats the secret to your 'happy clients'?

At Parivartan CTA we offer one key point of difference—we go broad and deep to solve client challenges. Every individual is commited to guarantee client satisfaction. We make clients and trainees for life. Err.. did we tell you that even the initla batches of trainees are still in touch with us and even join for our foundation day celebrations. Now that's what makes us proud of our service.

+ The biggest challenge for corporates?

We belive it is selection that is the most urgent problem which is dogging the corporate. Right from employee selection to the quality of training companies engaged in training the employees are being compromised, either for lack of skilled employees of for cost and hype.

+ What’s your company hierarchy like?

We are a very flat organization. No ‘boss’, No ‘Aye Sir’, ‘No Sir’ out here. No one is bigger than the brand. Decisions are made at all levels and we believe in giving independence and responsibility to each of our team mates. As we keep growing and expand, we may put in place a hierarchy, but then it will not definitely be more than 2 or 3 levels deep.

+ What’s your competition like?

This is a fairly open-ended question. Considering the market where we are based, Our competitors are several. The market is not very professional and the players are several. Our forte is our professional approach and no-nonsense impact oriented training delivery. In a market where it’s all about ‘hype but no substance’ we stand apart with our work generating up the hype rather than vice versa. The consumers are unaware and little informed and that make this arena open to unprofessional and unethical players. We have created a segment for ourselves over these nine plus year of pan India operation.

+ What do you really know about your clients?

Unlike most service industry, training requires in-depth and thorough understand of the customers, their philosophy, their operation and their requirements. Now, that is a tougher job than the actual training delivery. In fact the success of the training delivery depend upon how well we understand our client and their requirements. We have in place an adept system of interacting and understanding our client requirements. Our 'First Touch' is a proprietary process which can expand up to four levels/stages as per requirement.

+ Do you think what you are doing is making a difference?

Every organization is build to make a difference and to create an impact. We have always stood by our morale and ethics and shown the paths to several thousands of mentees on how to chart their path in this highly competitive world. In our own small way, we have set aside time and thought to help the underprivileged and nurture their dreams. We help the corporate realise the potential of their employees thereby helping them improve productivity and reduce employee iteration. Our team mates are probably the ones who get the maximum benefit. The sense of being one and the reality of making a remarkable difference in someone’s life each day is what get’s them to gear up and look forward to another day with Parivartan CTA